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Re: foot-controller with Live 4 help?

Hi Daniel

I am Kobna, I've been looping live since 2000 with a Jam Man, my setup
includes an Akai MPC 2000 and and an vintage GR1 Roland, since you've
asked about footcontrollers I might give you some sugestions on that
Nowadays I use the pads of the mpc to to send midi controls to REASON,
it is almost the same as you want to do with Ableton Live. The
diference is that what I actually control are the mute and solo
buttons of the mixing desk of Reason with the pads.

So, my system consists of recording my sequencie "LOOPs" on Reason,
(in a vertical manner), then I (solo) and (mute) the frases with the
pads, are you with me?

Althought you use the FCB1010, I thing you might want to do the same,
have pre-recorded loops loaded into Live and Solo and Mute them on
flight is that correct?

If that is your aim, just set Live loop to receive a MIDI message
control on the loop you wish to assign and press the footcontrol you
want to asssign to it, and that is all.
In Reason I just presse crtl+click and I select>edit MIDI key, in LIVE
I believe i quite the same, I just don't remember how to assign the
key, but I am sure that kind info is in capital letters on the PDF

I hope I was clear enough since my comand of english language is
average, remember I live in Brazil now, and I don't get to speak
queen's language very often :)

By the way does anyone know how to record continuous loops in Logic
whlile it plays back the previous ones ? (in real time of course?)

Best of Luck



 The following setup Reason X FCB 1010, this is very easy to get around, 

On 9/6/05, Daniel Fredriksson <dalfrn98@student.umu.se> wrote:
> Hey. I'm a newbee on the list, as well as in the loop-world. 
> I have a question regarding Ableton Live 4 together with
> midi-footcontrollers wich I'm hoping someone could help me out with. I 
> use a Behringer FCB1010, and will mainly use it to launch and stop clips 
> stage with Live  (planning to get into live-looping later on, but for 
>now I
> stay with pre-recorded loops...)  And it would be great if I did'nt have 
> keep track of wich is the on and off for every clip. Plus I would be 
>able to
> controll more clips, obviously... 
> So that's my question - is it possible to make a setup in live so that 
> same button on a midi-controller, most specific the FCB1010, turns a 
>clip on
> and off?
> As stated, I'm a total newbee on loops and midicontrolls, so a nice step 
> step solution (if there is any) would make me a happy boy...
> /Daniel
> Daniel Fredriksson
> daniel@silkwood.se
> www.silkwood.se