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Re: edp

Shane is the guy who fixes EDP's, and I've had very good experiences
with him.  I don't know his business relationship with Gibson, but he
can be reached at:


If the EDP becomes an essential part of your performance approach, I
recommend buying at least one spare when you can afford it.

Best of luck,


On 9/6/05, phaslem@wightman.ca <phaslem@wightman.ca> wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion Travis, I tried that but.... no change, no err
> messages nothin on the display at all.
> I'm sure that some of the others can understand my frustration, I've 
>spent the
> last 1 1/2 years re-inventing myself performance wise with the looping 
>at the
> center of that and now it has failed and I've got some gigs coming up in 
> fall. I've been experimenting with Mobius and that may work as a 
> tho I do have to be careful how much I ask of it running on my old laptop
> (compaq m300, 600mhz, 382 ram, 60 gb hard drive). I've been quite 
> at the lack of help availible for echoplex problems. Gibson Canada says 
> Gibson US, I contacted them and they recomended checking Loopers Delight 
> help, the archieves recomend Shane Radke, but no one at Gibson seems to 
> who he is..... and on it goes. I told Jeff (at Mobius) that if my
> laptop breaks
> down at least I can find repair people quickly, even if I had to borrow
> or rent
> one for a few weeks. So there's pros and cons to using dedicated 
>hardware or
> software, everything is a compromise.
> still hoping to find some schematics, who knows if the software approach 
> well enough you might see my edp on ebay once I get it fixed.
> Paul Haslem
> phaslem@wightman.ca
> looping hammered dulcimer and guitar in Canada
> or is it just a "looped and hammered" dulcimer player...