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Re: edp

Thanks for the suggestion Travis, I tried that but.... no change, no err
messages nothin on the display at all.

I'm sure that some of the others can understand my frustration, I've spent 
last 1 1/2 years re-inventing myself performance wise with the looping at 
center of that and now it has failed and I've got some gigs coming up in 
fall. I've been experimenting with Mobius and that may work as a 
tho I do have to be careful how much I ask of it running on my old laptop
(compaq m300, 600mhz, 382 ram, 60 gb hard drive). I've been quite 
at the lack of help availible for echoplex problems. Gibson Canada says 
Gibson US, I contacted them and they recomended checking Loopers Delight 
help, the archieves recomend Shane Radke, but no one at Gibson seems to 
who he is..... and on it goes. I told Jeff (at Mobius) that if my 
laptop breaks
down at least I can find repair people quickly, even if I had to borrow 
or rent
one for a few weeks. So there's pros and cons to using dedicated hardware 
software, everything is a compromise.

still hoping to find some schematics, who knows if the software approach 
well enough you might see my edp on ebay once I get it fixed.

Paul Haslem
looping hammered dulcimer and guitar in Canada
or is it just a "looped and hammered" dulcimer player...

Quoting Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com>:

> Have you tried reseating the SIMMs yet?
> So there's nothing at all on the display?  No "err" or anything?
>> Recently it wouldn't come on, I checked and changed the fuse and 
>> tried the "hold
>> the parameter button on while powering up", all with no luck. The 
>> input signal
>> light comes on when inputing signal but the software doesn't boot up. 
>> suggestions?
>> I have a great electronics repair guy available to me (I work in a 
>> hospital day
>> job) but he really needs some schematics or repair manual to look at. 
>> anyone have anything that can help me out here????? I have searched the
>> archieves for simalar threads but haven't found any info there either.