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Re: edp

If you look back into the archives Shane used to be at Gibson, there was 
even a contact number for him. Thanks for the info, he was very helpful,  
got hold of him at British Audio and he sent me the schematics. Once my 
repair guy had those he was able to track down a shorted capacitor and a 
faulty 5 volt something or other within 15 min. He's going to go through 
more thoroughly again to be sure that those are the only problems.

If anyone else is looking for schematics I'll be happy to pass them along 
to you. These are for the oberhiem edp, mine is the earlier Gibson but it 
seems to be the same. I can't say if its the same as the new one but it 
might at least work as reference point.

I would love to pickup a second edp but you know.... the pressures of 
payments, need a new car, need to reshingle the roof...... etc.

I am having a lot of fun with Mobius though, maybe a better laptop might 
a wiser investment....

All the best,

Paul Haslem
looping hammered dulcimer and guitar in Canada
or is it just a "looped and hammered" dulcimer player...

At 05:59 PM 06/09/2005, you wrote:

>Shane is the guy who fixes EDP's, and I've had very good experiences
>with him.  I don't know his business relationship with Gibson, but he
>can be reached at:
>If the EDP becomes an essential part of your performance approach, I
>recommend buying at least one spare when you can afford it.
>Best of luck,