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FW: Kevin Brunkhorst's Digital/Spiritual

I've been exchanging some email with Kevin below, swapping CDs, etc.  I
haven't seen Kevin promote this on the list yet, so  I highly recommend
checking out this CD....great guitar playing and trumpet, with looping,
etc. I hope you don't mind, Kevin. This is good stuff! A great
contribution to the art of Canada!

>From the website: "Some of the pieces are written, others were
improvised in the studio. Some of the improvisations were shaped after
much listening. One of our main goals was that we wanted it to sound
like nothing else we knew of. We're pretty sure we reached that.
Certainly there are other benchmarks, or influences: Teo Macero's
productions of Miles Davis; Kenny Wheeler; David Torn; Ralph Towner;
Brian Eno. The things a musician listens to come out in their playing."




I want to send you my new CD.

Please send an address.

Kevin Brunkhorst


> Krispen Hartung
> Improvisational / Avant-Garde Looping Guitarist 
> http://www.krispenhartung.com info@krispenhartung.com / 208-724-5603 
> Performance Calendar:
> http://www.mojam.com/concerts/search?key=performer&value=Krispen%20Har
> tung Gear setup: http://www.boisemusicians.com/gear.htm