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EDPP in the EU

Hello Everyone,


I rarely voice on the LD list but I thought it worth the time to mention that we (finally) are stocking and selling the EDPP in the EU on a regular basis.  Gibson’s Holland warehouse and the fine and wonderful people of Straight Edge (Andy Ewen, etc.) have provided us the opportunity to keep ample supply on hand.


For all of you that have voiced your frustrations with Gibson’s lack of access to the EDPP in the past, I’m sure this is good, if not belated, news.  Please keep in mind, however, that Gibson only sells directly to the dealer in a handful of countries around the Mediterranean and that the rest of our sales are through independent distribution firms who sell to the dealers.  The result is that you may not see them in stock for some time, but if you let your local retailer know that they are available, they can contact their representative.


Many thanks and best regards,  


Kevin Van Pamel

VP of Marketing


Gibson Labs Division

159  South Jackson

Suite 330

Seattle, WA 98104

Office: +1 206-382-3442

Fax: +1 615-884-2279