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RE: lexicon boxes

Title: RE: lexicon boxes

> From the description it is almost certainly a bad rotary encoder. 
> Since
> you apparently can't get these from Harman any more, it might be worth

but what about other encoders? surely there is a replacement.<<

since they used the same one on the jamman, this is of some concern. I can't believe that any rotary encoder has ceased production, but if it has, we need to work out whether there's something compatible on the market.

I have a mint vortex I never use, but I don't want to trash it to fix either of our jammans. I have a number of encoders I bought about ten years ago to fix an early proteus module (there was a min. order of six or something) so my proteus boxes & samplers will be ok for a while.... I'll look see if the same encoder is in the lex boxes, & check with some engineering suppliers to see what's available.



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