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Re: powered near-field monitors?

Another EDP? ;)

--- S V G <vsyevolod@yahoo.com> wrote:

>      The Mackie sub that goes with the HR824's costs
> around $1200.  I added the Blue Sky sub to my
> HR824's and am very happy with the sound for $400. 
> Still I wonder what the extra $800 would have
> bought me...
>      Stephen
>   Mark wrote:
> I'm a fan of the Mackie HR824s.  Listened to a bunch
> in that price range and found them to be a good
> value.
>  I'm often amazed at how nice and accurate the bass
> is
> without ever getting flubby.  High end is sweet but
> never shrill.  I keep thinking I'd supplement it
> with
> the matching subwoofer, but never get around to it
> as
> they seem to sound great out of the box.
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