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My EDP Multiply Technique

Hey all,

just wanted to share a technique of sorts that I found almost my accident.

I dont know if anyone plays the type of music that would benifit from it, 
but here it is.

I play a song in my set that begins with bass note washes of E then C 
each). I loop this, thenn add other notes to form chordal Em and C. 
eventually as the song progresses (im singing too) I add in actual picked 
arpegio and strumming.
Well, basically what has often happened when I have been playing this song 
is thatthe wash notes have become kind of cloudy as they have been added, 
that  by the time I have got to playing the strummed and picked bits it is 
very difficly to get the precise time of my loop.

Enter my new EDP setup. What I ended up doing (at first by accident) is 
starting a multiply each time I faded up a new note to add to the pad 
clusters then ended at the point I thought was rythimcally correct 
(goverened in a loose sense be the singing) with record thus redefining 

The last time I played this song I redefined the loop pretty much at every 
other pass until I got all the parts laid down. What I ended up with was a 
loop that stayed constantly rythmically correct in relation to my singing, 
but developed a very interesting glitch at the start once multiple 
redefinitions had been done.

Im thinking the next step for me may be to try starting the remultiply at 
other points such as on the second chord and see what this distribution of 
loop-point-redefinition-glitches sounds like.

anyways, this may all be old hat to everyone else, or  completly useless, 
but I just got in from a gig and was stoked with the results of a cool 


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