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Attack of the Killer Mini Tabla - Live Clip

Title: Attack of the Killer Mini Tabla - Live Clip

A cut from my last live looping performance on Sept. 3….looping back to that conversation we had several months ago regarding buying tablas and looping, mini tablas, etc….

Attack of the Killer Mini Tabla
http://box.net/public/khartung/files/656113.html  (someone needs to sneak into my laptop and delete that Pluggo feedback generator VST effect from my system…it is way too addictive and fun)

Incidentally, to the four of you out there who I saw listening in on my live stream, thanks for dropping in!  It's good that you stuck around for the last set, when I warmed up and started doing something remotely interesting. :)

This live streaming thing is just working out perfectly…not a single problem so far. I just boot up, my laptop sniffs out the WI-FI connection at the venue, I launch Winamp, connect to the ShoutCast Server, and away I go. So easy, it's disgusting.

Krispen Hartung
Improvisational / Avant-Garde Looping Guitarist
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