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Re: lexicon boxes

Title: RE: lexicon boxes
This reliability issue of Lexicon units seems to be widespread among the high-end sort of stuff. My tech had a Marshall Time Modulator with broken power supply, AMS reverb and delay, Klark Teknik DN 780... all had reliability issues centered around the PS/AD section (luckily the Marshall´s delay section was not affected). I was tempted to buy some Lexicon 224XL/300 reverbs but luckily my purse said "no!". I think I´m better off with my Dynacord DRP-20X.
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Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 2:42 PM
Subject: RE: lexicon boxes

>>for me a Lexicon MPX1... that I must send out for repair...<<

for some reason I'm hearing a lot about duff lexicon boxes the last couple of weeks. not the jamman or vortex, with external psu, but the mid to high end rack effects with smpsu's in them.

we have two dead pcm80s here, both with power supply & a>d problems. one is landfill now, because (so lexicon say) the a>d chip is no longer available. the other is starting to go the same way. while I was pondering this, an mpx1 came in from another studio, again with a duff psu. the guys in the workshop give you /that/ look when you mention lexicon.

I just bought an mpx500 (ebay bargain, or so I thought...) which I was considering putting into my band's live-rig in place of a ten years old quadraverb that's never let us down. now I'm not so sure....

I'm not scared of changing out a psu- they're all quite straightforward inside, these boxes, & generally some variety of 12s & 5s will get them running.... but I am concerned about reliability, & other components that may fail inopportunely.

fwiw, we've had similar problems with some tc units (we use dbmax on most of the music channels), but statistically that makes a bit more sense as we have around 40 of them, & they're on all the time.



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