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Re: Stuff in the feedback loop, Was: Cooking your delays?

I've played around with looping in Reaktor some, building a Reaktor 
version of
my jazz looping setup:


Here's ascreen shot of the newer Reaktor version so far:


I don't have any effect-in-the-feedback-loop stuff on it, but maybe I can 
some suggestions. What I did was set up a step sequencer which is advanced 
hitting a pedal. For each step in the sequence, you set all the parameters 
what should be happening, so by hitting the footswitch, you can make a 
bunch of
things change simultaneously.

Like in the screenshot, it's doing this:

Step 0:
  Top 4 strings go through octave divider for bass sound
  Bottom 2 strings go through octave divider for bass sound
  Drums: Play ride cymbal loop, but volume is turned all the way down
  Hits: No cymbal crash on thie step
  Tapedeck 1: Not recording, not playing
  Tapedeck 2: Not recording, not playing
  Tapedeck 3: Not recording, not playing

For each step you can set all these things, so it can go instantly from
recording on tapedeck 1 to playing on tapedeck1 while recording on 
tapedeck 2,
or whatever you want.

You could easily set up step sequencer control of effects or anything 
else. The
idea is to have different sequencer settings for each song, stored in a
snapshot. Then change snapshots to do a different song.

Mark Smart