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Re: Stuff in the feedback loop, Was: Cooking your delays?

Per, Mark, Douglas and Mark, thanks for your replies.

Per Boysen wrote:

> If possible, throw in as many as possible separate virtual outputs  
> for all effects. Then, when used in Live 5, you are not restricted to  
> keep them in the loopers internal feedback pipe. You can also choose  
> to send out a pipe to another channel in Live.

Yeah, that's what I'm planning on doing, more or less using the loopers 
as single-tap delays, and then running the feed out and in whenever it's 
practical. Here's a pic of the very first, preliminary setup I did today:
I'll be using a mixing matrix to do all the fun stuff, as you can see. 
In reaktor, knobs have the very important advantage over buttons, that 
you can automate them really smoothly. The very special reason for doing 
the effects in reaktor: You can morph between snapshots taken of the 
whole setup. And you can control this from a midi controller. And the 
snapshots can be changed using program changes - and you can midi learn 
and record the tweaks directly in a midi clip in live. And I plan on 
modding most/all the effects. And it uses less cpu :-D So yeah, I have 
my reasons, hehe.

Mark Smart, are there any advantages to progressing with a sequencer, 
rather than using program changes? I work with Reaktor and live 
simultaneously, so preprogramming clips containing program changes and 
launching them via midi is relatively easy. Actually operating the unit 
will be slightly hazardous, though ;-)