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Stuff in the feedback loop, Was: Cooking your delays?

Good point, which brings us to another good subject:
I'm building my own super-duper Reaktor patch for looping, since I'm 
tired of looper limitations and convoluted interfaces. It will be based 
on four of these looping beauties:
and a bunch of effects( filters, saturator/distortions, granulators, 
other delay lines, gates etc.) and I want the structure of the patch to 
be at least semi-modular, to allow esoteric stuff, like using the 
effects in the feedback chain. But since i have to build the crap 
myself, are there any of your who have some good ideas for effects and 
routing? Mixer configurations? Any help would be appreciated.

--- oh, and I intend to use the patch in conjunction with Live5, so I 
can route audio out and loop that too.

mark sottilaro wrote:

>Another good trick is to put a multieffect (for me a
>Lexicon MPX1... that I must send out for repair) in my
>Repeater's effect loop and spin the dial to a random
>preset and see what my loop sounds like when it gets
>played back.  Fun!