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Other Languages at L.D.?

Daniel wrote:
"PS. Hälsa så gott till min bandkompis Samuel Andersson om du träffar
honom innan mig (jag bor i Umeå), tror att det är dig han ska börja
ta looplektioner av! Det är bra, då kan han lära mig allt du
kan... :)

It's rather refreshing to see a language other than English posted on 
Loopers Delight
(even though I can't read what you said).

Claude,  did you see this?  I remember you posting in French a few years 
of the same exasperation.

I know that in Japan the two artists who will co-headline this coming Y2K5 
do not read enough English to be on this list.  I'm just so grateful to 
Sunao Inami
and Aci for hipping me to these two really sophisticated non-English 
speaking live loopers.
We would have missed their valuable contribution otherwise.

I was wondering how we could reach out to the many many Japanese, Italian, 
German and other language speaking live loopers out there.

We must not be reaching a very large number of artists who are part of our 
extended family.

Any suggestions?      Posting notices in different language electronic or 
live music forums, perhaps?

Rick  (one of those Americans who, depressingly, was never encouraged to 
learn another language thus botching several languages horribly even when 
trying to order coffee....lol)