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Zurich loopfest.....ten days after...

Hi loopers !
When I come back in Italy, after the Zurich loopfest, my computer got some internet connection problems, so I didn't receive any mail from this list and and I cannot post my impression about the festival.
First of all, a mention for Bernhard Wagner who organized a very professional festival, with an expert stage staff.
I was impressed by the quality of the sound coming from the monitors and the speakers, expecially, thinking that there were about ten artist at night sharing the stage. So I want to remember the technical staff for their good work.
Bernhard presented every artist like a professional front-man and was open to all the desires coming form us. A very kindly person and a friend. I spent some time talking with his brother and sister and they are kindly persons too.
It was an amazing and richfull experience for me, even if I didn't feel so happy for my performance, because, before starting, I was very stressed by connecting cables, mounting keyboards on the stands and connecting all my gear. So the first thing I've discovered is that I have a lot to learn about this.
In the days (26-27-28 august) I was in Zurich I have learn a lot of techinic stuff and ideas about looping.
I've seen very interesting performances and insusual instruments.
I want to remember expecially the Stefen Keller's quadraphonic flutes, and the amazing vocal performance od Michael Shiefel, but I like the Loiber-Beier duo, and the Claude Voit acoustic/treated guitar and the Trianguli Zona atmosphere and video installation, too.
I've meet a lot of friendly looper-people and come back at home full of CD that now I'm listen to with a growned interest: Rick Walker and his brother Bill, Michael Klobuchar, Roberto Zorzi and Luca Formentini, Michael Peteres, Matthias Grob, Per Boysen, Philipp Zurcher, Andy Butler, James Sidlo, Mike Bearpark and Os, Dan Mayfield, and...sorry if I've forgot someone.
It was a nice time, talking, drinking (wine) and eating with everyone of you.
I come back at home full of power. For me, this experience was the most interesting in the last ten years.
Greetings to you all, loopers, and I hope to met you in  the future (maybe in Italy....)