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newbie with RDS-900 help?


I typically wait and watch a list awhile before asking a question, but I
just bought a used Digitech RDS-900 Digital Delay System and hope someone
can help.

I teach elementary school music and originally got this for myself and
guitar, but after goofing around with this last night, I think it would be
cool for some applications in my school music program. I don't have a
manual, but did find a link to the RDS 7.6 Time Machine at
loopersdelight.com and some references to the RDS 900 in some archived

So here are my questions- if off topic or too elementary, forgive me-

1) I plugged a Casio sustain pedal (non-latching?) into the REPEAT HOLD 
on the back and was able to create a 2+ second loop whenever I hit a chord
of even just scratched the string and kept the pedal down.  So I'm guessing
it's a type of sampler, but the signal had to be fairly strong.  Wild
effects as I messed with the speed, width and depth knobs...is it ok to use
this type of pedal? any thoughts?

2) The block diagram shows this connected to the LFO (? frequency
oscilator)- when I hooked up the pedal to this jack, I think I was tweaking
the speed and/or width of the delay? Any insight or pedal suggestions for
this jack?

All the other buttons and jacks are similar to the later RDS 1000, 2000,
4000, 8000 (downloaded the manual from digitech) and think I understand how
these work.

And finally, I do a fair amount of electronic music via mac and garageband
with my students and they love it...after messing around with this vintage
delay system, I'm looking for looping resources to use with my students. I
think some of my kids could create some cool music, especially in a live
context with a looping unit of some sort>>>

ok- i'll stop babbling know. thanks for reading my post.

*mystro2b in Seattle*