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RE: Attack of the Killer Mini Tabla - Live Clip

> How about setting up a chat client and  
musicians can go "will move to Eb minor in 12 seconds...."  ;-)

That would be hilarious.

> Or why not play according to some common theoretical improvisation  
concept? One quick example right out of the top of my head:  
synchronize your watches exactly and decide on something like moving  
up three semitones every 20th second, alternating between major or  
minor key at every key change. That would be very fun, both to play  
and listen to! Using the Internet Time Lag creatively instead of  
looking at it as a "a problem".

This is what I was thinking...or it could just be totally free. If there
are no strict meter requirements, and key does not change often (or
there is no key), then it might be fun to hear out it sound for your
part to in a time warp. Actually, now that I think about it, only one
peson would experience the lag. Once I receive the stream from someone,
that becomes real time for me, and I play along with it. However, by the
time my recorded parts gets back to the other person, they will hear it
10 seconds late.  This sound like a plot for a really bizarre sci-fi
story about music, time warps, etc.

/ per