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Re: Attack of the Killer Mini Tabla - Live Clip

'Using the Internet Time Lag creatively instead of  looking at it as a "a

one technique I have used with internet streaming is to tune into your own
stream... which, of course, is looping.. :)


Quoting Per Boysen <per@boysen.se>:

> On Sep 7, 2005, at 18:34, Hartung, Kris wrote:
> > I need to start thinking about broadening my horizons too...I'd  
> > like to
> > start having folks over to my basement studio for group improv  
> > sessions,
> > plus I think there is a way to collaborate with someone over the net,
> > but it would involve a 10 sec delay...could be interesting....metered
> > songs would be out of the question.
> >
> > Kris
> Hey - Your idea are very interesting! And yes, it sure does implement  
> some really sloooow music. How about setting up a chat client and  
> musicians can go "will move to Eb minor in 12 seconds...."  ;-)
> Or why not play according to some common theoretical improvisation  
> concept? One quick example right out of the top of my head:  
> synchronize your watches exactly and decide on something like moving  
> up three semitones every 20th second, alternating between major or  
> minor key at every key change. That would be very fun, both to play  
> and listen to! Using the Internet Time Lag creatively instead of  
> looking at it as a "a problem".
> / per

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