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disc plug

I haven't posted here in ages, I know.  I have a job/gig now, and there's usually way more LD than I have time to read.
But I want to tell LD members that I have a new CD out.  It sounds something like Mark Isham & David Torn or Kenny Wheeler w/ Bill Frisell (only without the Americana he's been into lately).  It's definitely a jazz record, but it's far from straight ahead.
Of the six tracks, three of them have looping content... the longest track is mostly loops, in fact.  I still use my old Oberheim EDP.  There is one drum machine loop constructed with ProTools - otherwise, it's just the two of us.  Paul Tynan on trumpet/flugelhorn and yours truly on guitar (Klein electric, 6- and 12- string acoustic), bass, G-Force tweaking, .wav-file twisting, and a little cassette-player-into-the-pickups.  We worked on the problem of how to improvise in a jazz harmonic context with loops. 
You can see and hear a little of it at www.digitalspiritual.com.
The site sells them for $15 shipped, as will CDBaby when they ge it up in a few days.  Since LD has been very helpful to me over the years, I'd sell them to LD members for $8, mail included.  (Sorry, I can't give them away, unless you're a distributor, critic, radio/internet jock, or store owner... I have $$$$ in this and a partner... I hope you understand...)  E-mail me if you're interested.
and now, back to work...
Kevin Brunkhorst
Asst Professor, Music Dept
St Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada