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Gig Spam: Lumper/Splitter +35 film/music artists, Oakland, Sat

Hey there-

Lumper/Splitter will be playing two sets as part of this outdoor 
film/music benefit for the 
21 Grand performance space.  Ist set 7:30ish, 2nd set 11:00ish.  We will 
be playing 
improvised live loops to films by the Cinepimps (with special guest 
drummer Jon Brummit).  
Please read below for details.  Should be fun.

Illuminated Corridor
Saturday, Sep 10 2005
$3 suggested donation
Oakland Ironworks
Third Street
between Jefferson & Clay

21 Grand teams up with the Illuminated Corridor to present an outdoor 
media art and 
performance event as a benefit for 21 Grand, in celebration of its 5th 

This event features works by over 35 artists and groups and serves
as a survey of experimental approaches to time-based media art.

Works range from site-aware video projection, works for time-based media 
and dance, to 
experimental music accompanying film. It is a highly public presentation 
of artists and 
work often found within the walls of galleries, clubs, and alternative 
arts spaces.

Artists include
Ahl-i Nahfs, Big City Orchestra, Jorge Boehringer, the Cinepimps, Dud, 
Gilbert Guerrero 
and Kathleen Quillian, Ilanio, Franz Keller, David Kwan, Heike Liss, Sarah 
Lockhart and 
Gordon Winiemko, Lumper/Splitter, Mike Missiaen, Karla Milosevich, Kristin 
Miltner, Anna 
Naruta of Double Bull, Oaklandish, Nate Orman and Alex Douglas, Dean 
Santomieri, Paige 
Sorvillo, Isak Immanuel and Sherwood Chen, Sun-X, Michael Trigilio, Matt 
Volla, Lexa 
Walsh, Youthsounds, selections from the past five years of 21 Grand's T-10 
Video Festival, 
and more to be announced with great fanfare.

About the Corridor
The Illuminated Corridor is a next step in outdoor cinema: a nomadic 
public art 
installation focusing on the diverse traditions of Bay Area film and live 
music. Working 
with unlikely natural and built spaces, The Illuminated Corridor's aim is 
to catalyze site-
specific work, showcase diverse collaborations between performative 
projectionists and 
performing artists, and cover a vast territory of film and music genres.

About 21 Grand
21 Grand is a volunteer-run interdisciplinary arts space hell-bent on 
presenting a 
macrocosmic panoply of emerging and experimental artists, focusing on 
and innovative works of visual arts and live art (i.e. performative and 
media art presented 
to a live audience).
21 Grand was founded in June 2000, and held its first show on July 15, 
2000 at its 
eponymous location (21 Grand Ave.). Since then, 21 Grand has attempted to 
provide a 
consistent platform for experimental arts and fill the void of 
experimental arts 
presentation in the East Bay. 21 Grand has since played host to some of 
the most 
ambitious new works that realm has to offer, with programming that has 
been much 
lauded and emulated.

This event is assisted by the generous support of Metrovation, Bed Bath 
and Beyond, Pro 
Arts, and The City of Oakland's Cultural Funding Program.


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