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he's back!!!!!

well.....this is the fourth e-mail that i wrote the group today, the first 3 did not go thru, talk about looping!.....so for the fourth time>.....flew in from zurich late wed. nite and boy are my arms tired, ba-boom!.....spent yesterday trying to get my feet on the ground and today reading some 300+ e-mails.....my eyes are melting and so is my mind.....:).....ZURICH, what a trip!.....seeing old friends and hopefully making new ones (bill walker was supposed to keep an eye on me so i wouldn't misbehave so blame it on him!).....:).....what a group of wonderful talented NICE people, each and everyone a joy!.....the music from andy to zorzi, overwhelming!.....images and memories of the past week keep fliting thru my mind and i can only smile.....all i can say is THANK YOU ONE AND ALL.....as for HERR BERNARD.....hmmmmm.....i said it before "YOU ARE MY HERO".....what a magnificent effort!.....thank you a million times over B-MAN!
p.s. song titles for "EURODISX" will be up at my hot new website sometime soon, SO STAY TUNED!.....it's the least i can do for a 150 frac cd!