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Y2K5 Intrntl Live Looping Fest: October 5th-10th

Put this on your calendars  all you loopers in Northern California.

The Y2K5 International Live Looping Festival
will be occur from October 5th through October 10th
with over 40 artists performing from 6 countries in 5 performances in 3 

October 5th, Wednesday      Best of Y2K5:    Henry Miller Library,   Big 
October 6th, Thursday      Experimental Guitar:  Y2K5   the Luggage Store, 
San Francisco
October 7th, Friday              Best of Y2K5:    the Drum Machine Museum, 
San Franscisco

October 8th,  Saturday           E3 Playhouse,  Santa Cruz, California
October 9th,  Sunday              E3 Playhouse,  Santa Cruz, California

The Annual Y2K5 Loopers Brunch
October 10th,  Monday   1:00 p.m.    tentatively:  E3 Playhouse   (backup: 
the Catalyst)  Santa Cruz

The Y2K5 After Party
October 10th   Monday   9:30---till you drop       Santa Cruz's premier 
club   The BOX
 black attire suggested but not mandatory

Details can be seen at

The website that has been graciously donated and maintained by Bernhard 
(the mastermind behind the wonderful Zurich Live Looping Festival this 

Bernhard, I have to say,  is having a banner month.   He is a headliner 
this years'
Y2K5 Festival; he just produced the best live looping festival I've ever 
seen and he
has a beautiful new debut live looping solo CD out.    I will write a full 
review of this wonderful
record as soon as I am able to breathe after Y2K5, but it's a goody. 
Suffice it to say that you should buy one from him while he is in America 
(and the shipping charges are low.............lol)

A quick note to all Performing Artists:

1)  Please go to the website site and see if there is any information that 
you can fill in
or correct and e-mail me immediately so I can change it.  It would be 
to have current e-mails and
URLs for your music for every artist.

Just put the bold letters  WEBSITE INFO: Y2K5 (YOUR NAME) in the subject 
header of our email to me and mail it to     rickwalker@looppool.info .
This way  I can collate the information and update the website very 
Thanks a lot!!!!

2)  I will be posting set orders of all the concerts within two weeks of 
The reason I will wait that long is because I have a couple of big acts 
I am still waiting on
final confirmation from, so I don't want to do all the work to plan it and 
then have to do it all over again.
Thanks for bearing with me

3)  In two weeks time I will write a very definitive set of instructions 
about what we'll all need to do in order to make such a garngantuan 
performance come off professionally )load in, performance and sound check 
information, et. al.)

4)  Also, PLEASE DO NOT  flood me with questions about the festival until 
you get that email.  The amount of email I am sending and recieving 
venues, transportation providers, accomodation providers,  foreign artists 
is just completely overwhelming.   LOL,  the less stressed I am, the 
the festival will be......................why?   Because I"m a stress 
for sure!

Don't worry.   Everything will be done in a way that benefits all and I 
won't forget anything,  I promise.

Thanks a lot!!!!

Rick Walker