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Re: Y2K5 Intrntl Live Looping Fest: October 5th-10th

Cheers, to see this event is growing.

Jeers at myself for leaving the US before it got going.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com>
To: "LOOPERS DELIGHT (posting)" <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Saturday, 10 September, 2005 07:40 AM
Subject: Y2K5 Intrntl Live Looping Fest: October 5th-10th

> Put this on your calendars  all you loopers in Northern California.
> The Y2K5 International Live Looping Festival
> will be occur from October 5th through October 10th
> with over 40 artists performing from 6 countries in 5 performances in 3 
> cities
> October 5th, Wednesday      Best of Y2K5:    Henry Miller Library,   Big 
> Sur
> October 6th, Thursday      Experimental Guitar:  Y2K5   the Luggage 
> San Francisco
> October 7th, Friday              Best of Y2K5:    the Drum Machine 
> San Franscisco
> October 8th,  Saturday           E3 Playhouse,  Santa Cruz, California
> October 9th,  Sunday              E3 Playhouse,  Santa Cruz, California
> The Annual Y2K5 Loopers Brunch
> October 10th,  Monday   1:00 p.m.    tentatively:  E3 Playhouse   
> the Catalyst)  Santa Cruz
> The Y2K5 After Party
> October 10th   Monday   9:30---till you drop       Santa Cruz's premier 
> goth club   The BOX
> black attire suggested but not mandatory
> Details can be seen at
> http://loopfestival.com/y2k5
> The website that has been graciously donated and maintained by Bernhard 
> Wagner
> (the mastermind behind the wonderful Zurich Live Looping Festival this 
> past month).
> Bernhard, I have to say,  is having a banner month.   He is a headliner 
> for this years'
> Y2K5 Festival; he just produced the best live looping festival I've ever 
> seen and he
> has a beautiful new debut live looping solo CD out.    I will write a 
> review of this wonderful
> record as soon as I am able to breathe after Y2K5, but it's a goody. 
> Suffice it to say that you should buy one from him while he is in 
> (and the shipping charges are low.............lol)
> A quick note to all Performing Artists:
> 1)  Please go to the website site and see if there is any information 
> you can fill in
> or correct and e-mail me immediately so I can change it.  It would be 
> great to have current e-mails and
> URLs for your music for every artist.
> Just put the bold letters  WEBSITE INFO: Y2K5 (YOUR NAME) in the subject 
> header of our email to me and mail it to     rickwalker@looppool.info .
> This way  I can collate the information and update the website very 
> quickly. Thanks a lot!!!!
> 2)  I will be posting set orders of all the concerts within two weeks of 
> today.
> The reason I will wait that long is because I have a couple of big acts 
> that I am still waiting on
> final confirmation from, so I don't want to do all the work to plan it 
> then have to do it all over again.
> Thanks for bearing with me
> 3)  In two weeks time I will write a very definitive set of instructions 
> about what we'll all need to do in order to make such a garngantuan 
> performance come off professionally )load in, performance and sound 
> information, et. al.)
> 4)  Also, PLEASE DO NOT  flood me with questions about the festival 
> you get that email.  The amount of email I am sending and recieving 
> between venues, transportation providers, accomodation providers,  
> artists is just completely overwhelming.   LOL,  the less stressed I am, 
> the better the festival will be......................why?   Because I"m 
> stress puppy for sure!
> Don't worry.   Everything will be done in a way that benefits all and I 
> won't forget anything,  I promise.
> Thanks a lot!!!!
> Rick Walker