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RE: zurich photos

...and I, yesterday.
Some nice shots of James Sidlo, Per Boysen, Bill Walker, Michael Peters, 
Bag, Rick Walker, Gareth Whittock, André Müller, Petr Samojský + Nechej,
Simon Grab, Claude Voit, Matthias Grob.
I exceeded my bandwidth, though, because I uploaded the full resolution, 
More to come next month!

Thank you very much, Michael, for setting up the flickr thingy!


-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Peters [mailto:mp@mpeters.de] 
Sent: Sonntag, 11. September 2005 10:59
To: Loopers Delight
Subject: RE: zurich photos

hi Michael,
> i know about michael peters' site  
> thanks michael, i love the slide show feature of the fliker site..... 
just to make sure, flickr is not "my" site ... I just posted some photos
there as did Os and Andy and Fabio ...