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My Effects pedal dream

Hi all, its been a while.

I have finally finished the floorboard of my dreams!! see pics here


I have also found that using one of those storage bags for putting duvets 
under your bed makes a great carry bag to stop leads and the like falling 
out during transit. It has already been dubed the Body-bag setup by my 
nightclub owner.

anyways, I have had a new idea for an effects pedal. It is a mechanical 
effect similar to an A/B box rather then one involving component 
electronics. what I am looking for is someone from this list with the 
relevent knowlege who I could run through my idea with.

Sorry if I am being a little vague, basically if you have moded a pedal 
before I imagine you would know enough to help me. I have tried doing this 
alone using logical reasoning, but Im getting some awful buzzes and not a 
lot of success.

Thanks to anyone who can spare the time.


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