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Re: My Effects pedal dream

i built one myself.
its an AB on steroids.
it routes 4 ins to 2 outs. 2 of the ins are assumed to be elec gtr and the other 2, acoustic.
the footswitch, when depressed repeatedly, cycles through each of the gtr inputs. if its either 1 or 2, they're routed to output 1. if 3 or 4, they're routed to output 2. the box has 2 other jacks. send and return.

u could guess where im going from here. output 1 is hooked up to my trusty tube amp.
output 2 could be sent to either a direct box routed to the mixing console or directly to an acoustic amp.

but no matter which of the 4 inputs is chosen, they all are routed through the send/return. THATS THE KEY.

this way i use my pedal board for acoustic or electric. very convenient. the tuner for instance can be used for the acoustic. delay and chorus stuff can be used on the acoustic. and all the while, im secure that the correct gtr is routed to the correct output.
put down my les paul, pickup my acoustic, step on the switch twice and im ready to go.

i even outfitted the box with an LED counter showing the number of the chosen input. it goes from 0 through 3 though. not 1 - 4.
Adrian Bartholomew
Leawood KS
On Sep 11, 2005, at 1:12 PM, phill wilson wrote:

Hi all, its been a while.

I have finally finished the floorboard of my dreams!! see pics here


I have also found that using one of those storage bags for putting duvets under your bed makes a great carry bag to stop leads and the like falling out during transit. It has already been dubed the Body-bag setup by my local nightclub owner.

anyways, I have had a new idea for an effects pedal. It is a mechanical effect similar to an A/B box rather then one involving component electronics. what I am looking for is someone from this list with the relevent knowlege who I could run through my idea with.

Sorry if I am being a little vague, basically if you have moded a pedal before I imagine you would know enough to help me. I have tried doing this alone using logical reasoning, but Im getting some awful buzzes and not a lot of success.

Thanks to anyone who can spare the time.


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