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Re: My Effects pedal dream

Thanks to you all for your comments.
I have combined my answers into this one mail-box friendly packet!!

1.      David- Ta for the concern, maybe I am a young hick but my edp has 
lived on the floor , it used to just sit on the stage floor so I guess my 
little EDP thinks its in heaven with a whole 1/4 inch of ground clearanceJ 
basically the edp is anchored at the sides to the left hand side of the 
board and a middle support. Round the back is a big powerstrip for all my 
plug, so if beer does go on it Iíll have more to worry about then the 
Point taken though, I may as some point make a back for the whole shebang 
with angled slats for ventilation.

2.      Todd- From a standing position I can still see the readout over 
the top 
of my edp controller, so far so good with regard to that. (although I got 
caught out with my homebrew controller which dosnít have any notation of 
buttons when I accidentally stopped the whole loop rather then going into 
reverse, I looked  but silly!!). Again this may make some of you shudder, 
but when the EDP sat on the floor I often ended up putting some stomp box 
top of it to save room, therefore I had a good idea of the height I would 
able to use live. If you are thinking of making a two layer board I would 
surgest raiding your bookshelf and making various layouts with steps using 
books just ot get a feel for what you can manage with. For me this is the 
better of two evils as all my effects used to be in one long row leading 
some monty-python esque  leg movements to trigger my OC-3 and remain 
in the mike! Two levels rock!! Although I should again warn, think of 
the mike stand legs will go when you design, this has taken a bit of 
figuring out for me, I now have it set at the far back right corner and 
boom arm extended fully coming diagonally up, (not totally attractive) as 
for putting the whole thing inside something the duvet-cover cover is 
working for me as it is light and can just be unzipped and curled under 
edges. Some of he gigs I get have litrally a 3minute setup rule so this is 
important if you have a good bag, build to that size spec, one less thing 
worry about. Go for it!!

3.Ted. At the mo I am using tap tempo rather then midi synch as  I can be 
very choosy about where I use the beat synch stuff and its hard to just 
it off mid song. However at home I have tried both, I found both work for 
different applications. If a beat synch is important in the first loop, 
obviously it has to be set by the Linn  to the edp but if you intend to 
start with non synch stuff then suddenly drop in a Arpeggio or something 
fav way) the an edp master works great. Be carful about the 8th settings 
though as they can interact with stuff really weirdly, for instance on a 
four beat bar at 120bmp the delay effects sounded great, but I switched to 
chorus and of course I got a mushy wobble!!

4.Tim. What can I say, the bitrman rules!!! I loop an acoustic and I 
actually had a guy wander to right infront of the mike and get down on his 
knees to watch the pedals as I summoned some deamon-from-hell for the 
grand-finally (god I love that ring mod!!)

anyway thanks to you all

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