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memorial service honoring Richard Zvonar

Hi Everybody-

I just received a message from Dorie Griggs, Richard Zvonar's sister. She 
wanted to let us know that a memorial gathering is being held for Richard 
on October 2 in Los Angeles by the American Composers Forum.

Details are posted here:

It says:

"Memorial Service Honoring Richard Zvonar

Sunday October 2nd from 4-7pm
acf/LA will be hosting a memorial house concert gathering honoring Richard 
Zvonar. As many of you know, Richard was a vital part of this organization 
and his absence is felt by all. There will be live and recorded 
performances highlighting Richards career, and guests from a wide swath of 
his fascinating life."

If you are interested in attending, the email address given for further 
details is acf@composers.la


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