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Re: lexicon boxes

At 12:32 PM 9/10/2005, nick douglas wrote:
>I tried to buy rotary encoders using that part number and phone number a 
>few weeks after Jeff posted them. I wanted five. I needed two and wanted 
>spares besides but they only had two left.  I'd buy spares today if I 
>could find them.
>Please, somebody find or make a substitute part.

Perhaps one of you can open up your unit, look at the encoder, and see 
the manufacturer and part number is?

FWIW, in the vortex service manual this part is described as:
SW, RTY, BCD, 16POS, 17.5MM

That probably means it is a rotary encoder using "BCD" style encoding 
(Binary Coded Decimal), it has 16 positions, and the shaft is 17.5mm long. 
That should be enough to find a similar part.

It may be very simple to go buy them from an electronics distributor if 
know the mfr/part#, or find an alternate source just from the part 
description if the original is not made any longer. Rotary encoders are 
fairly common parts. Do a google search and you may find it.

If we figure out where to get them, we can put the details on the Looper's 
Delight web pages for vortex/jamman to help others.


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