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Re: I'm actually going toward rackmount stuff Re: T.C. G-system

--- Timothy Mungenast <mungenast@earthlink.net> wrote:

> And here's the main thing I tell myself....even if
I'm going through a
> SIMULATED tape echo, and a SIMULATED Plexi Marshall,
and a >SIMULATED plate reverb, I AM REAL, and that
realness will hopefully
> come through no matter how much digital sleight of
hand I decide to >use. 

AH!  Thanks for bringing up "the real world" (as
opposed to the "machine world)  I get sick of
"purists" who dis technology.  Either it's good and
works for you or it's bad.  Forget what's fashionable
and do what you like.  Reminds me of the somewhat
badly illustrated point of the last Matrix movie.  Neo
realizes Zion isn't real (part of the sim to make
people think they can get out and fight the machines)
but fights anyway *because he knows that he is real
and the love he feels are real*  PLAY ANYWAY!  If you
can't afford expensive boutique tube amps, get a cheap
transistor amp and a tube sim.  Love to play and feel
the love because that love is the only thing that's
real when you get right down to it.  No one's going to
put "couldn't afford a cool boutique pedal" on your


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