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Defective EDP or defective brain?


First I want to say thanks for all the info I've gleaned from Loopers 
Delight, since you all are what convinced me to dive into looping and 
the EDP.  You also turned me on to Anthony at Altos Music, where I got a 
new EDP for $739, foot pedal for $99, with Fed Ex ground shipping.

So today I got my new EDP and foot controller, full 16 megs Ram, new out 
of the box. 

It is *not* behaving as the manual describes. I have 7 days to return it 
if it is defective, but I would hate to send it back because I 
misunderstand how it is supposed to work. I'm a reasonably intelligent 
person, most of the time. Or maybe just the foot controller is screwy?

Using the foot controller:
I press record, record a loop, press record to end. It plays. Good.
Now, without pressing overdub, everything I play gets recorded onto the 
loop. I can undo and remove it, but it continues to record everything, 
as if the overdub function is switched on all the time. But the overdub 
light doesn't change, just happy green.
When I press overdub and play, nothing gets recorded onto the loop. The 
red overdub light does go on and off when I press the button.

Also, there is no loop number to the left in the display, just the time 
length of the loop. Also, the next loop light is always orange after I 
first record.
I have tried holding the parameter button down when powering up, but 
this hasn't changed anything.

Is this EDP defective or am I really missing something?

I truly appreciate your help,

TJ Sutherland