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Re: Defective EDP or defective brain?


1-you switched ur edp to delay mode
2- you can reset the edp to factory state by powering with the params 
3- you are missing 2 or 3 weeks with your manual and your edp before 
something here
hey the edp manual is more than 300pages worth of the minimum info you 
to know it all
4- welcome in the uberLooper vip lounge


> First I want to say thanks for all the info I've gleaned from Loopers 
> Delight, since you all are what convinced me to dive into looping and 
> EDP.  You also turned me on to Anthony at Altos Music, where I got a new 
> EDP for $739, foot pedal for $99, with Fed Ex ground shipping.
> So today I got my new EDP and foot controller, full 16 megs Ram, new out 
> of the box.
> It is *not* behaving as the manual describes. I have 7 days to return it 
> if it is defective, but I would hate to send it back because I 
> misunderstand how it is supposed to work. I'm a reasonably intelligent 
> person, most of the time. Or maybe just the foot controller is screwy?
> Using the foot controller:
> I press record, record a loop, press record to end. It plays. Good.
> Now, without pressing overdub, everything I play gets recorded onto the 
> loop. I can undo and remove it, but it continues to record everything, 
> if the overdub function is switched on all the time. But the overdub 
> doesn't change, just happy green.
> When I press overdub and play, nothing gets recorded onto the loop. The 
> red overdub light does go on and off when I press the button.
> Also, there is no loop number to the left in the display, just the time 
> length of the loop. Also, the next loop light is always orange after I 
> first record.
> I have tried holding the parameter button down when powering up, but 
> hasn't changed anything.
> Is this EDP defective or am I really missing something?
> I truly appreciate your help,
> TJ Sutherland