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Re: ableton question

Hello Adrian,
you can do both - scenes for each part of a song, *and* multiple songs. 
Remember, Live lets you have hundreds of scenes if you need it. So for 
instance, a set with 2 songs can be arranged like this:
Scene 1: Song 1 intro
Scene 2: Song 1 A
Scene 3: Song 1 B
Scene 4: Song 1 outro
Scene 5: Song 2 intro


 Adrian Bartholomew wrote:

> i would like to setup ableton to use in my live show triggering 
> samples while synced to EDP.
> how do i set it up so i could select/load songs into ableton remotely 
> from my FCB1010?
> do i have to use scenes as songs? id prefer not to and use it as it 
> was intended...scenes as scenes WITHIN a song.
> i dont want to have to manually load songs into ableton while im 
> trying to perform.
> ___*
> Adrian Bartholomew
> *Leawood KS