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Re: EDP Footpedal vs. FCB1010 ? ?

I agree that the EDP footswitch is a good size and covers a broad
range of the features, particularly when you consider the original
software, but it'd be nice to have the option to build a larger, or
more specialized controller without being so dependent on third-party
MIDI solutions.

As I've frequently said, my number 1 wish for a future EDP is the
ability to "learn" any MIDI input and map that to a function so that
you can use a garden variety MIDI controller, which are dime a dozen,
and bypass the need for a PC based foot controller programming


On 9/13/05, Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org> wrote:
> >Well said, Kim.  One thing I'd always wondered though was why more
> >features weren't accessible through resistor values not incorporated
> >into the footswitch, such as halfspeed, individual loop access,
> >separate access to rounded/unrounded multiply/record, etc?  That'd
> >allow people access to the deeper features without a MIDI controller.
> >
> there is a voltage for the Parameter button, but its delicate.
> your idea is interesting, but the EDP concept is to keep the number
> of keys low. When we designed it, HalfSpeed was not planned and we
> did not think people would like Reverse so much...
> It also would not work the voltages are not linearely spread
> through this we can allow you to press a second switch!
> try holding Overdub and do Insert, then let Overdub go... all on one
> cable, amazing technology, no? Kims idea, if I remember right.
> sad that the switches are not good enough... there are not many ready
> ones that are not noisy. Bigger pedals productions invest in molds to
> create their switches.
> dont you think smaller, mainly flater would be nicer?
> dont you think the Behringer is too long?
> Tom keeps joking that you recognize a looper by this thing sticking
> out of his bag :-)
> how about devided in two?
> --
>           ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org