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Re: EDP LOOP4 question: Accessing individual loops directly

On Sep 14, 2005, at 13:52, Luis Angulo wrote:

> i want to find a little (non synth) effect that will
> turn my guitar into a bass,what do u use?

I've heard the POG is one of the best. I was shopping for one but no  
retailers imported them to Sweden after they had been released. So I  
picked up a TC FireworX instead, on a store blow out. It gives a good  
one or two octaves down transpose. But the coolest bass trick IMO is  
to play in EDP's halfspeed and use normal speed to substitute notes  
that will become a great bass sound when going back to half speed.  
Why play music that just sounds like a guy playing music if you can  
do it different?  ;-)

/ per