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Re: that one guy

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, daniel stevenson wrote:

> anybody ever checked out "that one guy"at www.thatoneguy.com ?pretty 
>avant weird stuff he gots goin there...

Saw him play about two years ago, he was touring with Drums and Tuba (who 
also used loopers - Line 6 DL4s, if I recall). Great live, CD ok, in my 
opinion. Worth checking out live if he ever comes where you can see him, 
definitely a fun show.

Drums and Tuba (  http://www.drumsandtuba.com/  ) were great live as well, 
and I like their CD _Vinyl Killer_.

Steve B
Phasmatodea    http://www.phasmatodea.net/
Subscape Annex http://www.subscapeannex.com/
Fukadugalon    http://www.fukadugalon.com/