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Re: M-Audio Trigger Finger

I just took my brand new one (a really generous gift from my brother)
to the Zurich Festival.

What I love about it is that with sixteen pads, it can be set up to
play a two octave scale in any mode, raga or scale you would desire.

Since the Electrix Repeater treats the UR loop as midi note C 60
I set up 7 of the presets to correspond to the 7 major modes.

I also set up a  couple of presets to be random groupings of only octaves
so that I could do some random real time 'sequencing' on the Repeater
that I then resample into the EDP.

It's just very cool and I haven't even begun to figure out how to use
program changes and midi CC notes yet (for the EDP).

It's really little too......................anyone wanna buy a Roland Pad 
controller?   tee hee hee

On the airplane to Zurich, I had a 12" mac laptop, a firewire 410 breakout 
box, a trigger finger
(all powered by the laptops batteries) and a little Ashbory miniature 
fretless bass........................
all in the same bag.

I could have recorded an entire CD with it had I wanted to (but lots of 
sleep and the occasional between nap scintillating conversation of Herr 
NemoGuitt was too distracting)

I say buy one!!!