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Re: Music can "accomplish"

A musician may, or may not be trying create a musician/audience
connection.  And the audience may, or may not perceive a connection,
which may, or may not exist regardless of the intentions, hopes or
desires of all parties involved.

I may do a rain dance, and it may, or may not rain afterwards. 
Determining causation can be a tricky thing.


On 9/14/05, Adrian Bartholomew <adrian@bartholomusic.com> wrote:
> well then u contradict urself.
> then by ur own definition: a musician is trying to create the
> musician/audience connection.
> however u look at it, he was right.
> we ARE because we have to PROVE.
> an idea is not enough.
> even the tibetian monks still CREATE the physical representation of
> concepts before they immediately destroy it. sometimes very beautiful
> works of art.
> we have a human body with 5 senses for a reason. we are here in the 1st
> place BECAUSE the IDEA of us wasnt sufficient.
> art must be physically represented to be called art.
> ___
> Adrian Bartholomew
> Leawood KS
> On Sep 14, 2005, at 5:48 PM, Travis Hartnett wrote: