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Re: EDP Footpedal vs. FCB1010 ? ?

the same thing happened to me when i 1st got the 1010.
i assume by "pedals", u r talking about the continuous controller pedals on the 1010.
i got no signal at all.
i called them and he emailed me the directions for calibration (which was in the manual i didnt read anyway) and it worked like a charm.
are ur buttons working?
Adrian Bartholomew
Leawood KS
On Sep 14, 2005, at 11:09 AM, Dean, Hal wrote:

I've been watching this dialogue for awhile and find myself wondering if I should do as I've intended - return the FCB-1010 I bought 3 weeks ago, for money back.

I've had enough experience programming controllers to be undaunted by the arcane language of the manual. I was unable to use the editing software I got from the Yahoo FCB-1010 support group (frankly I don't recall at the moment why it did not work, but no matter for now), but was able to decipher the manual and get the switches working.  The problem is the pedals - they don't work at all.

I tried the calibration routine as described in the manual several times, to no avail. My MIDI interface registers no MIDI signal from either pedal; it DOES recognize switch operations.

Given the conflicting comments about the reliability of the FCB-1010, I was considering this evidence that I should stay away from an unreliable bit of kit... hence the decision to take it back to Guitar Center. I have a Rocktron MIDIMate and a PC-1600x that provide the same functions, albeit a bit more awkwardly since only the PC1600x sends note on, and the buttons and sliders are small.  still, that is working in the studio. Live is maybe another matter, so i want to be sure it makes sense to ditch the FCB-1010.

Given what I just described, is it a sure bet that the pedals are DOA, or is there something about the calibration routine I ought to try one more time? Is the lack of any MIDI output an indication that the pedals are DOA?

Any advice on this specific point would be most welcome. General comments on the pros and cons of the FCB-1010 are readily available, and I'll keep them in mind of course.

Hal Dean