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Re: EDP SUS Multiply is phantastic

Title: Re: EDP SUS Multiply is phantastic
Kim wrote: So we came up with the idea of
redefining the loop length as you add to it with Multiply.

This is exactly the (well, one of the) superior points in working with the EDP! And it's really easy and intuitive. Case in point: I caught a bad flu last week and had to last through three feaverish gigs on the weekend (two involved loopage), hardly being able to soundcheck.

While it is certainly extra stress when you are performing a solo looping show compared to a concert with a band (noone to back you up plus the darn button-pressing-syndrome) the EDP really pulled me through: since I was really not feeling well I left out some of the more complex tunes involving precise layers of forward/reverse, loop windowing etc., stuck to my two favorite presets (the glitchy one with SUS multiply and SUS Insert and a straight, 'classic' one) and was able to make some nice, interesting music for me and the audience without too much of ostinatos-with-noodling-on-top. The EDP behaved like a musical partner (well, almost) on stage, supportive and easy going when I needed it. At one point, while thinking (if anything at all) "what should I play now?" all of a sudden a a grooy 7/8 out of a scratch noise sound on the strings emerged by means of SUS Multiply and off we went. That's the mark of a great instrument. THANK YOU, AURISIS, FOR GIVING US LOOP IV!!!

Cheers, Andreas