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Interesting article on experimental music

Title: Interesting article on experimental music

Interesting article on experimental music, its viability, homemade instruments, laptop music, etc, etc..


From the Electric Possible website:

Media Alert--Media Alert--Media Alert--Media Alert--Media Alert
"The monthly Electric Possible gathering is all about words that end in -al--particularly 'experimental,' 'accidental,' 'improvisational,' and 'irrational'...The noise is a community thing, made by a network of artists who thrive on the freedom to explore emotional spontaneity, social rebellion, and psychedelic escapism, without the hippie aftertaste." --Joe Warminsky, Washington City Paper (Feb 4, City Lights)  http://www.panicresearch.com/el_ethno.html

Anyone near George Wasshington University checking this out?


Krispen Hartung
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