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gig spam: malibu

This is a bit last minute, but Sunday October 18, Lives of the Saints (Ronan Chris Murphy with Bill Forth) will be performing a looping/soundscapes in an empty swimming pool on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean. Who could pass up a chance to see two guys from Fripp's old soundscapes road crew droning away in a swimming pool while eating Bar-B-Cue?

This is a private event but we are allowed to invite guests, so if you are in So Cal and you think this might be interesting write me offline for directions etc.

Ronan Chris Murphy
www.venetowest.com (Production & mixing: King Crimson, Chucho Valdes, Steve Morse, Terry Bozzio, CGT...)
www.homerecordingbootcamp.com (Workshops around the world teaching the art and craft of recording )
www.livesofthesaints.net (The hottest ambient noise duo since Sonny & Cher)