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Re: Previous Festivals

The "Mid'Lantic Loop Show" held in Philadelphia in 1997.  This was set 
up/ organized by Jim Speer (Stick player / Loopist w/ "Broadside 
Electric") and heavily promoted/ reviewed on "Loopers Delight" at the 
time.  Performers included Charles Cohen (Buchla Sound Easel-Phila.), 
"Fingerpaint" (guitar/loop duo-Wash. DC), "Emergence of Man" 
(Stick/loopist-ie: me, guitar, percussion- NJ), and 2/3 other acts 
(sorry I can't remember their names - might be in the archives), all 
united by "Loopers Delight" membership.  While not an international 
event, it did come about because of "Loopers Delight" and may have been 
the first official "LoopShow" that was a result of the communication/ 
networking that LD supported. - Paul
PS: if needed I can try to get a hold of Jim Speer for particulars - I 
recently moved to Evergreen, CO so give me couple days to contact him 
back east - if needed.

On Sep 16, 2005, at 11:17 AM, Bernhard Wagner LD wrote:

> Dear list members
> On the site http://loopfestival.com in the section "Links to Previous
> Loopfestivals", there's a list of previous looping festivals. Per 
> Boysen
> notified me that the "1st Swedish Looping Festival 2003" was missing. 
> If you
> see any other festival missing or one that you know a URL for, please 
> let me
> know and I'll update this section.
> Thank you
> Bernhard