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(OT a bit) Softsampler advice

Last night I had one of the most productive evenings
of making music I've had in quite some time.  I did it
by abandoning my two "grooveboxes" (an E-MU XL-7 and a
Korg Electribe ESX-1) in favor of using my computer
running Digital Performer in conjunction with a Native
Instruments BATTERY 2 demo.  It was really liberating
being able to create beats so quickly and arrange them
into a song like structure without even having to stop
the sequencer to quantize parts, all the time my
Repeater chasing along.  The Battery 2 Demo had some
great kits that inspired some traditional stuff as
well as quirky weird stuff to.  FUN.

I'd been resisting the siren call of the computer for
this type of music for a long time... not even sure
why.  In other aspects of my life I've done things
like sold all my oil paint and brushes to buy Painter
and a Wacom tablet.  I've probably spent so many years
working in music stores dealing with hardware
sequencers/drummachines that it just feels

No more.  Like a comfortable old shoe that's just not
supporting your new rock climbing sport, I'm going to
move up the technology chain. I'm still going to keep
my Command Station because it's still kick ass for
making a quick beat and a good interface, but man am I
not going to compose or lug that sucker around any
longer.  I thought the sound of Battery was as good if
not better than my E-MU's ROM samples.  LONG cymbals. 
MMmm mmm good.

So here's my question:  Battery?  Is that the thing
for me?  Should I try something more robust like
Kontakt?  Mach 5?  Sampletank. I still plan on using
hardware synths for a lot of my sound so my main use
for this would be drums and bass to support my guitar
and synth loops.  I'm running a Mac so it would need
to be OSX compatable and work with DIgital Performer
4.6.  (MAS or AU's would be fine)

What say ye?


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