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Re: (OT a bit) Softsampler advice

Don't know if it's what you are looking for, but I use Loopazoid
It's a simpler (free!) version of Battery. Both Mac and PC versions,
though I'm not sure if it is OSX. The gating is nice. I built a tabla
kit, and the right hand strokes cut each other off without affecting
the left hand strokes. Multiple Outputs. I'm real happy with it.

On 9/16/05, mark sottilaro <zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Last night I had one of the most productive evenings
> of making music I've had in quite some time.  I did it
> by abandoning my two "grooveboxes" (an E-MU XL-7 and a
> Korg Electribe ESX-1) in favor of using my computer
> running Digital Performer in conjunction with a Native
> Instruments BATTERY 2 demo.  It was really liberating
> being able to create beats so quickly and arrange them
> into a song like structure without even having to stop
> the sequencer to quantize parts, all the time my
> Repeater chasing along.  The Battery 2 Demo had some
> great kits that inspired some traditional stuff as
> well as quirky weird stuff to.  FUN.
> I'd been resisting the siren call of the computer for
> this type of music for a long time... not even sure
> why.  In other aspects of my life I've done things
> like sold all my oil paint and brushes to buy Painter
> and a Wacom tablet.  I've probably spent so many years
> working in music stores dealing with hardware
> sequencers/drummachines that it just feels
> comfortable.
> No more.  Like a comfortable old shoe that's just not
> supporting your new rock climbing sport, I'm going to
> move up the technology chain. I'm still going to keep
> my Command Station because it's still kick ass for
> making a quick beat and a good interface, but man am I
> not going to compose or lug that sucker around any
> longer.  I thought the sound of Battery was as good if
> not better than my E-MU's ROM samples.  LONG cymbals.
> MMmm mmm good.
> So here's my question:  Battery?  Is that the thing
> for me?  Should I try something more robust like
> Kontakt?  Mach 5?  Sampletank. I still plan on using
> hardware synths for a lot of my sound so my main use
> for this would be drums and bass to support my guitar
> and synth loops.  I'm running a Mac so it would need
> to be OSX compatable and work with DIgital Performer
> 4.6.  (MAS or AU's would be fine)
> What say ye?
> Mark
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