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Softsampler, softgrooveboxes etc. - even more OT

Dear Mark, dear other people who had been on the softsampler thread,

currently, I'm thinking about replacing my hardware groove boxes (Roland
MC505, Quasimidi Sirius) with something software. For the sound
generator, I'm perfectly happy with a combination of different soft
synths (for drums Battery, plus some synths, some of them freeware like
the outstanding mda epiano) - but regarding the patterns:

does any one of you have a decent (or even a very basic) collection of
grooves (preferrably both drums and bass/chords, but only drums will
also do) in a format that will make me happy when using Live? Or perhaps
another VST plugin which will do the pattern-playing, controlling the

Respond off-list please, if this goes as off-topic as I expect this to