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Re: Softsampler, softgrooveboxes etc. - even more OT

Oh, I don't know if it's OT.  Enough of us use loopers
in conjunction with computers for sync or other
recording functions that I think it's worth talking

So far I'm finding Digital Performer4.6/Battery2 to be
fairly intuitive and fast fast fast for the creating
of patterns to loop to.

Are you talking about downloading patterns in a .mid
format?  It think there are sites that sell those...
but I say make them yourself!  One thing I do is if
I'm inspired by a tune/groove I'll attempt to
reconstruct it myself, then later come back to it and
start editing it.  most of the time it ends up being
nicely unique.  Other times just fucking around and
experimenting can yield really cool results.

Good luck,


--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
<rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:

> Dear Mark, dear other people who had been on the
> softsampler thread,
> currently, I'm thinking about replacing my hardware
> groove boxes (Roland
> MC505, Quasimidi Sirius) with something software.
> For the sound
> generator, I'm perfectly happy with a combination of
> different soft
> synths (for drums Battery, plus some synths, some of
> them freeware like
> the outstanding mda epiano) - but regarding the
> patterns:
> does any one of you have a decent (or even a very
> basic) collection of
> grooves (preferrably both drums and bass/chords, but
> only drums will
> also do) in a format that will make me happy when
> using Live? Or perhaps
> another VST plugin which will do the
> pattern-playing, controlling the
> soft-synths?
> Respond off-list please, if this goes as off-topic
> as I expect this to
> be...
> Thanks,
>       Rainer

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