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Re: (Santa Cruz) Y25K International Loopers Conference


In regard to the Loopers Conference in Santa Cruz on October 8th: does 
anyone have any more information about this? I have recently re-joined 
the list after a long absence and missed everything regarding this 
Conference except what little there is on the Loopers-Delight.com 

Specifically, I am looking for contact information as I would be 
interested in performing. I am a long time looper from San Francisco 
who moved to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, about one year ago. So, I haven't 
had as much exposure to looping as I was used to in SF, not to mention 
opportunities to perform "loop music". However, I will be in the San 
Francisco Bay Area for about two months from September 30th and am very 
interested to explore any performance opportunities. So if anyone can 
send me some contact information I would appreciate it.

Regarding the software topic someone mentioned a few mails back, I have 
been using Cycling74's radiaL 
(http://www.cycling74.com/products/radial.html) and I like it quite a 
bit. While I do miss my old Sequential/Jam-Man set-up, my powerbook and 
radiaL were a lot easier to move to Brazil. I have tried Live and 
various other software looping apps, or apps that can be used for 
looping, and have found that I like radiaL the best. With radiaL, Logic 
Express and BIAS Peak i have all i need. Of course Pluggo, Absynth, 
etc., are fun to play around with sometimes...


* For anyone interested, some of my music is online at 
http://www.modaldub.net/ under several names (reflecting various 
collaborations, oysterdub is the solo one): charlie chomsky, funeral 
butchers, oysterdub, panbobo, rubaiyat. I've also recorded with Daniel 
Hintz as UM and The Owls when I lived in SF, though I don't have audio 
files online for those.

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