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Re: Softsampler, softgrooveboxes etc. - even more OT

I'm partial to Tuareg, TunaFish, and Hammerhead for drums and grooves.


good stuff.


p.s. Rainer, Did I send the file of MIDI drum patterns to you?

> --- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
> <rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:
>> Dear Mark, dear other people who had been on the
>> softsampler thread,
>> currently, I'm thinking about replacing my hardware
>> groove boxes (Roland
>> MC505, Quasimidi Sirius) with something software.
>> For the sound
>> generator, I'm perfectly happy with a combination of
>> different soft
>> synths (for drums Battery, plus some synths, some of
>> them freeware like
>> the outstanding mda epiano) - but regarding the
>> patterns:
>> does any one of you have a decent (or even a very
>> basic) collection of
>> grooves (preferrably both drums and bass/chords, but
>> only drums will
>> also do) in a format that will make me happy when
>> using Live? Or perhaps
>> another VST plugin which will do the
>> pattern-playing, controlling the
>> soft-synths?
>> Respond off-list please, if this goes as off-topic
>> as I expect this to
>> be...
>> Thanks,
>> Rainer
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